Family Travel Ideas in Nassau

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The Dig at Atlantis

The Dig is a guided tour available to both Atlantis guest and non-Atlantis guest. The tour is free for guest and cost $30 for non-guest. The Dig tour lasts about an hour and there are many times to choose from. The Dig is essentially an elaborate maze of tunnels that resemble an archeological dig. They go through several rooms of aquariums and take you through  some of the Atlantis resort. Marine species such as jellyfish, sting rays, and eels are among the creatures that you will witness. This is great for children who love animals and it's equally entertaining to adults who'll enjoy the marine life and beauty of the resort. While at Atlantis for the Dig take some time to walk around and look at the public areas of the resort, as well. It's a nice way to spend a safe and fun day in Nassau.

The Pirate Museum

The Pirate Museum is located in downtown Nassau and is made up of an interactive museum, courtyard cafe, and gift shop. This is an enjoyable adventure for children and adults will find the facts interesting. The museum is great for a budget vacation with a $12 admission. The pirate experience begins with a walk through a pirate ship and rooms that would be on the ship. It's filled with trivia and pirate lore. You can eat an affordable lunch in the comfortable courtyard. Then wrap up the whole day with souvenir shopping in the gift shop. Buy the kids a pirate hat and the experience will last all day.

Places to Avoid

When you're traveling with your family a main concern is keeping them safe and thus some places in Nassau should be avoided. Try to stay clear of outdoor markets, especially near the port. These tend to get packed with tourist and become very difficult to move throughout the narrow aisles. Additionally, the locals can get very pushy when it comes to buying their products and, in my experience, can be mouthy to children who accidentally touch their merchandise. Steer away if with the family and you'll save yourself some stress. Also, be weary of bars that sound kid-friendly yet actually aren't. For instance, Senior Frogs is a fun restaurant/bar for adults, but not for children. Ask the staff at your hotel if you're unsure of what  places are suitable for kids. Lastly, just be warned about taxi rides in Nassau. They can be described as fast-past thrill rides. Hold on to the kids and watch the elderly for heart failure. Seriously, it gets crazy.

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