Central America Travel Guide

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The Central America and Caribbean travel guide explores a range of attractions such as beautiful beaches and ancient cities. Central America is located between South and North America. The region consists of seven countries including Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama. The Caribbean is located to the east of Central America and it consists of thousands of islands. The region is rife with natural beauty and unexplored territory. Adventure lovers will find an abundance of activities to get their adrenaline pumping.


If you are flying from the U.S.A to Central America there are cheap flights available.  Juan Santamaria Airport receives international flights and it is located in Costa Rico. Another option is to fly into Nicaragua's Agusto C. Sandino Airport or El Salvador's Comalapa Airport. Direct flights may be expensive so an alternative option is to fly to the U.S.A and get a connecting flight to Central America from there. To travel between countries within Central America buses are a viable option.


The Cloud Forests in Panama will take your breath away and this is a tranquil place to relax and explore the wonders of nature. There is accommodation in this area and visitors can take tours into the forest. In Guatemala there is a volcanic lake called Lake Atitlan which is a beautiful and fascinating site. Scattered across Central America are many old colonial buildings which reflect the architecture during this period. The ruins of ancient cities located across the region make interesting sites to explore and these sites offer insight into ancient civilization. For sun lovers there are beaches including beaches on the Bay Islands and in Bocas del Tora. In many areas such as Honduras there are good surfing conditions. The National Parks in Central America are worth a visit. In Guatemala visitors can find caves to explore including the Languin caves. The Caribbean has magnificent beaches and a range of different wildlife.


In some areas there may be street gangs and high rates of crime. Check with locals and find out which areas should be avoided. Do not walk alone in the streets at night. Do not carry large amounts of money and beware of pickpockets. Traveling at night may be dangerous in some regions. Take mosquito repellent.


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