Day Trips in Western Samoa

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Western Samoa Day Trips are full of tropical excitement. Many of the day trips involve visiting islands, enjoying the thrill of water activities, and partaking in the culture of the surrounding areas.


Tutila is the largest island of American Samoa and it is located about 60 miles southeast of Western Samoa. Tutila is accessible by plane or boat. Although Tutila is the biggest of all the American Samoa islands, it is considerably smaller than any of the islands in Western Samoa. Tutlia is home to a beautiful and natural harbour called Pago Pago Harbor. This is an ideal place to take pictures of the green mountains and peaceful bay. It is also a wonderful place to experience the local culture of American Samoa and see the difference between both parts of Samoa. While in American Samoa visitors should also experience the National Park of American Samoa. While here travelers can hike, snorkel, beach walk, and simply enjoy the beauty around them. Taxis are available for travelers to get around the island. This day trip will last the majority of the day.

Aleipata Islands

Aleipata Islands are a group of islands about 2 miles off the coast of Upolu Island. They are relatively uninhabited with the exception of a small village, several species of birds, and other animals. The Aleipata Islands can be reached by boat and kayak. A kayak trip is one of the best ways to truly see the untouched beauty of the islands. Travelers can easily reach each island within the day and can even land on some of the beaches and explore them by foot. Packing a small picnic lunch with you and enjoying it on the beaches of Aleipata is out of this world. The Aleipata Island sit on a reef so snorkeling here is a must. Turtles and various sea life are plentiful in this area. Even a simple boat tour around the islands is interesting and fulfilling. Western Samoa Day Trips here will last for at least half of the day.


Manono is located roughly 4 miles off the western coast of Upolu Island and easily accessible by boat or other watercraft. It is home to only 4 tiny fishing villages. Cars are not allowed on the island, so there is only the sound of waves to fill your ears. The locales are really the big attraction of this island. Their daily life includes fishing, weaving, and planting. Interacting with them and learning the routine of their day is truly interesting. Visitors can also enjoy a walk around the coast of the island, which only takes 2 hours. Also inland trails will take visitors to several archaeological sites, which include an ancient star mound. Travelers can additionally enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the beach by lounging, swimming, and snorkeling. Western Samoa Day Trips to Manono will surely last the entire day. Just be sure to schedule enough time for your trip back to your Western Samoa hotel.

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Manoa Tours-Surf, Snorkel or Hiking Trips!

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manoa tours is a surfing, snorkel and hiking business on the south coast of upolu.  They do great day trips for families and groups, just you or couples.  They offer surf and learn to surf lessons, snorkel trips to amazing secluded beaches by boat or car (unreal!!) or hiking treks into the jungle!! We had such a great time with them, it was amazing!!!  Their email is, you can stay anywhere to use their services, but they are located at Coconuts beach club next door to Sinalei, so if you are intown you drive over and meet them at Coconuts, well more..

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