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Ile de Spins, or Isle of Pines, is a beautiful island in New Caledonia and in this Ile de Spins travel guide you will find detailed information that you should know about the island. Kunie, to its Melanesian inhabitants, is part of the French-Pacific territory and features breath-taking coastlines and beaches.

History and its Inhabitants

The history of this island is said to exist even before the time of Christ. Artifacts belonging to the people of Lapita, a race with Austronesia descent, have been found in the island and is said to date back to about 1500BC. However, the island was only discovered in 1774 by the explorer Captain James Cook. He also gave the name Ile de Spins, or Isle of Pines, because of the abundant pines that are growing in the island. 

Kanaks and Melanesians make up 95 percent of the inhabitants in Ile de Spins. These indigenous people are divided into several tribes but are governed by a High Chief. The inhabitants of the island live a relaxed and stress-free life which accounts for the entire vibe of the island.


The Isle of Pines is located approximately 1,900 kilometers from Sydney as well as Auckland, New Zealand. It sits near the Tropic of Capricorn and is home to stretches of beach. It is surrounded by several small islands and coral reefs making it a great location for some scuba diving and snorkeling.

The island is forested with pine-like coniferous trees from the species Araucaria columnaris, where the island got its name. Parts of the island are rugged, with an elevation of 870 feet from Nga Peak. Once a penal community, Ile de Spins is now a major tourist attraction.

Main Attractions

Devoid of any high-rise buildings and urban development with stretches of coastlines that are left untouched has made Ile de Spins one of the main attractions in New Caledonia. The main attractions on the island consist mainly of the beautiful and often untouched nature for which the island is known.

There are several bays in the area that are popular for swimming, scuba diving, and snorkeling including Kuto Bay and Roller Bay. Also popular is the Oro Bay with its winding, tidal channels. It has a natural pool which is bordered by coral cliffs.

Aside from the these water activities, Ile de Spins also offer several hiking trails including the trek up to Nga Peak which provides views of the entire island from the top.

Other attractions include the Vanilla Plantation in Gadji Bay, day-trips to the nearby Nokanhui atoll, and Brush Island.

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