Top 5 Must Do's in Australia and Pacific

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The tropical city of Ile Des Pins is a very desirable vacation spot amongst tourists everywhere, but upon arriving, many of them would appreciate knowing which activities are worthy to make the list of Ile Des Pins must do's. Here is our list.

1. Ile Des Pins Natural Aquarium

One of the first stops on your trip to paradise would have to be Ile Des Pins' Natural Aquarium. With such close proximity to tropical waters filled with beautiful and exotic fish, you will experience a most realistic depiction of sea life that you most likely will never be exposed to again anywhere else in the world. During the excursion to visit some of these fish in their natural habitat, it is best advised to wear bathing suits or clothes that are intended to get wet. As a part of your tour, you will also be joining the fish in their underwater homes because snorkeling is a part of the excursion.

2. Canoeing at Kanumera Bay

Another must-do in Ile Des Pins  would have to be canoeing across the Kanumera Bay, home of many of the more popular hotels and resorts located right at the edge of the fine, sandy beach. There is a long list of restaurants there which offer excellent sea food. Don’t forget to try freshly made crabs, as that’s the specialty food of the city.

3. Cave Exploring

Yet another great opportunity to further survey the island would be to go cave exploring. Of course, you will be with a group of other tourists at all times, usually headed by at least 2 tour guides, and more times than not, everyone involved will be equipped with their own separate flash lights. Once safety issues are addressed and understood and everyone in caravan of hikers are appropriately dressed, it will be time to admire the natural beauty that the caves (some under water) of Ile Des Pins have to offer.

4. Visit Pirogues Bay

Do not miss out on a visit to Pirogues bay, which is situated very near St. Maurice Bay. The bay is quiet  and well known for traditional Pirogues. This watercraft has disappeared from most of Caledonia, but Pirogues Bay has it preserved for you.

5. Visit the Island of Ruins

Ruins is a beautiful island full of flowers and gardens. Penal settlement used to take place on this island till some years back, and the island still has some ruins from that time. You can check out a thick wall which used to separate the military and administrative areas from the convicts.

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