Shopping in Nukualofa

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Shopping in Nuku'alofa is a real adventure. Silk screen prints, tie dying and hand painted distinctly South Pacific clothes are made by several outlets. The visitor has plenty of local holiday fashion to choose from. "Look Sharp Tonga" -- offers a selection of casual and sports wear. Also see their airport location. Near the Friendly Island Bookshop you find the "Blue Banana Studios" -- interesting selection of hand printed art T-shirts and wrap-around lavalava. The AIC Pacific Fashions store across the intersection from the Post Office carries good selection of T-shirts. and fabrics with typical Tongan motif.

Visit the FIMCO handicraft shop and Langa Fonua Handicraft Center. -- Locally produced basket ware and jewelry. Local jewelers are found displaying their art at the vegetable market. Tiny dolphins and Polynesian motifs carved from cow bone or black coral are a good buy indeed. There are dozens of interesting shops along Nuku'alofa's main street and back roads -- you'll be surprised what you can find!

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