Surfing Great Barrier Reef: Yes You Can!

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Surfing Great Barrier Reef. Okay, I know what you're thinking. How can you possibly be surfing the Reef when a lace wall of coral breaks all your waves before you can get to them?

Alright. Let me be a little more specific -- how about kite surfing the Reef!

Have you tried kite surfing yet? That qualifies as surfing Great Barrier Reef, right? What better place?

Let's first explore Australia's Great Barrier Reef, and why it is one of the seven natural wonders of the world , then I'll tell you what I plan to do there and where I will stay.

Not only are your surf waves getting caught, keeping you from surfing Great Barrier Reef, Capt. James Cook's Endeavour was grounded by the Reef in 1770. To call it one reef is really a misnomer, because it is actually a collection of 2,900 smaller reefs , forming a lace net of lime-based coral that covers 137,600 square miles (344,000 square kilometers), and is just 31 miles (50 kilometers) from shore in some places. The underwater "city" of brightly-colored coral peaks out through the crystal clear water just below 300 little islands scattered along the surface.

This is standing on the shoulders of your ancestors at its best. Each new coral polyp, which produces a shell, then attaches itself to neighbor coral polyps to sculpt a mosaic colony, is resting on the skeletal remains of its ancestor coral polyps. It's actually algae that then attaches to the coral that gives it the exotic colors you see.

The Great Barrier Reef is a very diverse underwater "city" with 500 species of hard and soft coral, 1500 varieties of tropical fish and 4,000 kinds of mollusks, all forming a delicate, symbiotic community.

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