Things to do in Australia and Pacific

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There are many Australia and Pacific things to do as Australia is a large country and there are many islands scattered throughout the Pacific. Unless you have a long time to visit it can be best to focus on a specific area. You can easily travel by plane, train or boat.

Visit Sydney and Other Cities

One of the things that should not be missed in Australia is stopping in the city of Sydney. Sydney has the famous opera house, a large harbor to explore, several fabulous beaches and so much more. It is the largest city in Australia and should not be missed. Another city that has a different flavor is Perth. Perth is in western Australia and is very new, modern and prosperous. There is a lot of mining in western Australia.

One of the Seven Wonders of the World can be seen in Australia. Go up to Cairns and snorkel or dive in the Great Barrier Reef. You will never see anything like it elsewhere. You can even sleep out on the reef on a dive boat. The middle of Australia is a desert and at Uluru you can visit Ayers Rock. Ayers Rock is the only large rock mountain for miles surrounded by red sand. It is very important to the aboriginal culture.

Natural Beauty of New Zealand

Also in the Pacific is New Zealand, a country that is known for its raw and stunning nature. The 2 islands are very different as the north island is volcanic and the south island is where 2 tectonic plates rub up together forming the Southern Ranges. Visit a world renowned wine region in Marlborough, see the awesomeness of Fjiordlands National Park and go to stunning Coromandels.

Cruise to Fiji

Some of the best ways to see the islands in the Pacific are by a cruise as you can visit many, all in 1 trip. In Fiji, the island of Suva contains the Fiji Museum, municipal handicraft center and the Colo-I-Suva Forest Park. Nadi contains the Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple which is the largest Hindu temple in the southern hemisphere. Another interesting site is the Garden of the Sleeping Giant, a plantation with more than 2000 types of orchids.

Enjoy Beaches and Surf in Tonga

Tonga is another spectacular location among the many islands in the Pacific. On the main island of Tongatapu you should visit the Royal Palace and tombs. There are also blowholes that are the most spectacular in the Pacific. Tonga is known for its beaches and caving as there are freshwater pools and natural limestone caves to explore.

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Surfing Great Barrier Reef: Yes You Can!

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Surfing Great Barrier Reef. Okay, I know what you're thinking. How can you possibly be surfing the Reef when a lace wall of coral breaks all your waves before you can get to them?

Alright. Let me be a little more specific -- how about kite surfing the Reef!

Have you tried kite surfing yet? That qualifies as surfing Great Barrier Reef, right? What better place?

Let's first explore Australia's Great Barrier Reef, and why it is one of the seven natural wonders of the world , then I'll tell you what I plan to do there and where I will stay. more..

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Skiing at Snowy Mountains

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One of fantastic experiences you wouldn't want to miss when visiting Australia is go for skiing at Snowy Mountains in New South Wales, Australia. The Snowy Mountains offers many fantastic resorts where you can enjoy worldclass skiing facilities and accommodation. The four highest peaks in Australia are in the Snowy Mountains and so is the best snow. There are over 230 kilometres of groomed trails from beginners to championship and cross country skiing is also a delight here.

The resorts are within our famous Kosciusko National Park. Our season officially runs from more..

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