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The Ile des Pins isn’t quite the typical shopping paradise, but it offers some decent buys. Here is the lowdown on Ile des Pins Shopping.


Being a beach island, it is no wonder that beachwear and equipment are everywhere in Ile des Pins. Sarongs are local beachwear that are popular among the women, and are the perfect item to add to your wardrobe. These can be convenient for use, even back home during the summer, or during a future vacation. The popular place is not a shop, but a small stall set up by a smiling French woman by the jetty. The sarongs come in various colors such as green and apricot. They cost about US$10 each and are a really good buy.


The seashells here are everywhere, but there are those on sale that are rare and the perfect present to bring home. These are larger shells that can be found on the shores of the rockier beaches that are not usually visited and sometime inaccessible for visitors to the island. Do not be fooled! Stalls selling these seashells are usually found along the popular beaches of Kuto or the Oro Bay, but they are usually not from the beaches themselves (but from somewhere else). In any case, the shells are beautiful, and usually processed such that they are covered by a plastic glaze that makes them stronger. Admire the colors and the various shapes that the shells come in, and bring home one for the display case. Those who do not want large ones can choose the smaller ones fixed on key rings that are more conveniently sized.


Postcards, while simple, are possible one of the best presents to bring back home as a souvenir or gift. Postcards are available in every place in the world, so it is dependent on the beauty of the place to bring out the best in a simple postcard – and the Ile des Pins is simply stunning. Often ranked as one of the best places in the world to dive, snorkel or to laze around on the beach, the Ile des Pins has absolutely gorgeous beaches and lagoons that form perfect photos to go on post cards. Much of this beauty cannot be captured on the average camera, but the postcards reflect much of this, and truly do justice to the shade of the waters and the magnificence of the wildlife here.

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