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This Ile des Pins practical information guide will give you a better understanding of the place you are planning to visit. The Isle of Pines has been dubbed as the "closest island to paradise", and no wonder, with its turquoise clear waters and the pine groves strewn all over the place.

Island Natives

Given that the island has been colonized by the French several times over, it is quite understandable why the Kunies, the first inhabitants of the island, are so protective of their tribe and their culture. The Kunies are divided into eight tribes, and each has different sets of customs that need to be learned and respected prior to interacting with them. Although most of them are very friendly to tourists, heck with the tourism board first before any attempts of visiting. The Kunies have their own oral language, although most of them are adept at French, and some English. Be very careful of misinterpretation.

Getting to the Island

The island is not one of the more easily reachable areas to visit. Getting to the island will involve a lot of plane and boat transfers. This means putting up with several delays, waiting time and customs check (although in the end it's more than worth it). The airport is 50 kilometers from Noumea, and from there another hour’s drive to the domestic airport going to the island. Be sure to check your flights in order to avoid overnights or expensive land fares.

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