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There is not much to do in Ile des Pins during the nighttime, but here are some Ile de Spins nightlife activities:

Kava Pubs

The only town on the Ile des Pins is the little town of Vao, and this is where all of the population of the island lives. The town of Vao, therefore, contains nearly all the night activites that the island has to offer – which is, frankly, not much. The mainland of New Caledonia provides drinking in the form of Kava pubs, and these can be found throughout the settlement. However, in the Ile des Pins, there are probably only a handful (if not just one) of these bars that can be found, and this is in the town of Vao. Nevertheless, those staying on the island for the night should experience the island way of life in these pubs, even though the ones on the mainland would give a far more authentic experience. Beer here is cheap, nearly a fifth of the price anywhere else in the world, and about 80% of the price on the mainland of New Caledonia itself.


Another thing to experience is the cuisine of New Caledonia, and the Ile des Spins has a few good restaurants serving up moderately delicious international foods, particular in the international hotel chains. But, the Islander cuisine itself should be tasted, and once again, the paths will take any visitor to the town of Vao. In the evenings and nights, there are probably just one or two family run restaurants or cafés open, so just step in and seat yourself. The cuisine is obviously French infused (stews and breads are everywhere), but try out some of the traditional items such as the Bougna, a traditional meal made out of meat and yams cooked in a wrapping of banana leaves.

Lagoon Walk

Dinner is a simple affair in the island, and the best thing to do after a busy day and a good dinner is to take a walk along the beaches that the Ile des Pins are so famous for. The beaches are gorgeous in the day, crowded with surfers and people. In the night, though, a different atmosphere falls upon the place, creating a balance between the mystery that the lagoon holds, and a romantic ambiance that envelopes the beach of the lagoon. The pines work their magic in the night air, swaying slightly in the wind, and emitting their sweet pine fragrance. Sit and watch the stars, or lie back and listen to the sound of the waves, and enjoy a relaxing evening.

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