Getting Around in Australia and Pacific

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Australia and Pacific transportation brings you safely to your destination. They can even transport you to the suburbs and remote areas of the region.

Ship or Boat

The visitors can enjoy the view of Australia by riding a ship or boat. Every visitor can leisurely take a cruise between Perth and Freemantle along the Swan River, the largest river in Perth, Western Australia. A Swan River Cruise is a well-known activity for local and international tourists arriving in Perth. Street Jetty in Perth and Port Freemantle in Freemantle are the two starting points of the Swan River Cruise. A roundtrip of the cruise lasts for almost three hours. Before the cruise, you may pay for cruise packages which include meals. The boat will sail along Millionaire's Row where you can see large mansions, villas and bungalows along the banks of Swan River. The boat will also cruise through other areas such as the Freshwater Bay, Lucky Bay and many other bays in the area.


An airplane is the fastest and easiest way to get to any of your destinations around Australia. There are numerous airlines in Australia that offer domestic flights. Among these airlines that provide fantastic travels within the region are Qantas, Tiger Airways, Jetstar, Virgin Blue, Regional Express, Skywest and Air North. Some of the flights may be expensive, so it is suggested for you to check their website and explore the prices that they have. Sometimes, these airlines offer hot deals or discounts for customers.


The train in Australia offers a less expensive fare than any other forms of transportation. However, riding a train in Australia may not be as advanced and as comfortable as of those trains in Europe and the United States.

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