Things to Do in Papeete

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The Papeete Things to Do list will comprise of activities that help you take in the breathtaking views of this picturesque location. Being the capital of Tahiti, this French Polynesian region is a famous tourist attraction. Read on to find out about the fun activities in Papeete.


Take a relaxing walk on the beautiful waterfront in Papeete. The waterfront has been developed by the city into a full-fledged promenade. It stretches from the Place Toata to the Place Vaiete, and it makes for a romantic evening. The Moorea Island makes for a picturesque view from the promenade. There are various stalls selling local food and it has a festive atmosphere.

Notre Dame

To visit the oldest and the largest church in Papeete, walk towards the Jeanne D'Arc Street. You will find the Notre Dame Cathedral at the end of the street. Work on this Catholic Cathedral was started in 1856 with the vision of building the tallest structure in Papeete. After hitting a financial crisis, the project was shut down. The revival took place in 1869 and the result is what you see today. Visit this Cathedral to understand the work that has gone into its architecture and design.

City Hall

The City Hall gives the visitors a chance to gaze at one of the most beautiful structures in Papeete. The City Hall is a magnificent building that is said to be thrice the size of the Queen's castle. This building boasts of neoclassical architecture and the pink exterior catches the eye. When you step inside the City Hall you are treated to sights of carved glasses, Roco elevators and other pieces of historical significance. The garden surrounding the City Hall has several sculptures and artifacts.

Marche Municipal

Any local person will be able to direct you towards this market. The Marche Municipal is considered to be the heart of all local activities. This is a true representation of the lifestyle and culture of the people in Papeete. Your trip to Papeete would be incomplete without visiting this market. You will find many stalls selling all kinds of products from colorful fruits and vegetables to silk scarves, footwear, jackets and jewelry. The market opens at 4:00 a.m. and goes on till 6.00 p.m. You can buy local artifacts and souvenirs from this market.

Bougainville Park

This park is the perfect way to take in the fresh air and beautiful surroundings of Papeete. The park is a tropical garden, filled with lush green landscape. It is maintained well and is a great place for the kids to run around and have fun. There is an entire playground with rides and swings dedicated to kids. It is located adjacent to the Papeete Post Office.

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