Shopping in Papeete

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The Papeete shopping scene is always bustling with activity. Tourists flock the markets and wish to get their hands on the most famous black pearls. Read on to find out about the popular shopping spots in Papeete.

Marche Municipale

The Marche Municipale is a city market in Papeete. This market will give you an insider’s view into the culture. This is a tin building filled with several shops and stalls that sell the freshest produce. The building offers tourists a chance to buy several souvenirs and local arts. Sarongs, shell jewelry, antiques this place has it all. The Marche Municipale is a highly economical shopping area in the whole of Papeete. The highly energetic atmosphere will keep you entertained and give you a shopping experience like never before.

Center Vaima

Step into this true Tahitian shopping mall. This shopping center has been around since 1977 and is considered to be the best shopping place in Papetee. Center Vaima, has several branded stores like Nike and Billabong. But the shopping center is most famous for its book stores. There are several stores that offer a wide selection of books from various genres. The pearl shops in Center Vaima are also a popular tourist attraction.

Robert Wan

The Robert Wan museum lays out the history and the art of making the most famous Tahitian pearls. It gives you a glimpse into the process of deriving the exotic black pearls that the region is so popular for. After the guided tour you can head to the in house jewelry store and buy unique ear rings, pendants, made from pearls.

Sibani Joallier

At the Sibani Joallier, you will be treated to some of the finest jewelry in town. The store is famous for its pearl creations and the prices quoted are highly competitive. Papeete has several stores that sell pearls, it could be difficult to decide on which on to buy from. You can trust Sibani Joallier for the quality. The designer watch range, adorned with pearls should not be missed.

Tahiti Pearl Shop

This pearl shop is located on the Papeete waterfront. This is a newly opened store and showcases the Tahitian cultured pearls like never before. The designs are a unique blend of the local craftsmanship with a touch of modernistic patterns. The customers are given a free hand in picking pearls of their choice and are also involved in the design process.

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