Nightlife and Entertainment in Papeete

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Papeete nightlife is very exciting, which is why a lot of tourists enjoy their stay in this little capital of Tahiti. Papeete offers loads of nightlife activities for nocturnal travelers. In fact, the capital of Tahiti is dotted with plenty of clubs and bars where tourists can enjoy and mingle with the locals. Here are some of the best clubs in Papeete.

Le Royal Kikiriri

The most popular club in Papeete, Le Royal Kikiriri is a big building that can seat over a hundred party people. This place is very popular among the tourists since it is very safe and is near the many hotels in Papeete. However, getting inside requires both tourists and locals alike to stand in line, as it's really popular. The club is throbbing with a fusion of reggae and island sounds played by a live band. Drinks also come by from $5 to $20.

The Piano Bar

Located in the rue des Escoles in the heart of the Mahu district in Papeete is where you'll find the Piano Bar. This is a very popular sexy club due to its late night strip shows done by female impersonators. Entrance to this bar will cost $5 while the drinks cost between $5 and $20.

Mana Rock Café

This club is located in the boulevard of Pomare and is very famous for its discotheque music. Moreover, the bar has wireless Internet connection where you can check your email or you can just sit back and relax on one of the oversized chairs in the café as you sip your drink, which usually costs from $6 to $10.

Hotel Le Royal Tahitien Bar

The bar located in Hotel Le Royal in Pirae plays live Tahitian music and has a wide dance floor where tourists can dance the night away. The drinks in the bar cost around $5 to $10, which is pretty cheap. Moreover, the bar is also very secure as it is located inside the hotel itself.

Le Retro

For laid back nightlife, this Parisian style café is the best place to go. The bar offers upbeat Western and reggae music. They also serve a wide selection of drinks which include local Hinano beer or a martini. The bartenders in Le Retro speak good English, so tourists can easily communicate with them without any problems.

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