Beaches in Papeete

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One of the loveliest areas in Tahiti would have to be the Papeete Beaches. Papeete is known as the capital city of not only Tahiti, but all of French Polynesia and is quite a popular spot for tourists and local residents. Papeete is a gorgeous destination surrounded by clear turquoise seas, beautiful beaches and outlined with magnificent palm trees. The scenic views throughout the area are so picturesque and really make Papeete a place of tranquil beauty. Whether you travel to Papeete directly or stop off for the day by way of a cruise voyage, you'll be amazed by the beautiful beaches and friendly, helpful people who live there.

Bain Lot Beach

The main beach in Papeete is called Bain Lot Beach. It is known as the "ins and outs" beach due to the waves of this area breaking in both directions. This is caused by both the steep shores and currents moving toward the beach and out to sea simultaneously. Bain Lot has a newer golf course located here for those of you who like to golf right next to the beautiful sea, plus a variety of water sports like swimming, snorkeling, sail boarding and more.

Venus Point Beach

One of the most popular sights of Papeete and its beaches would have to be the black sands of Venus Point Beach. This particular beach is just six miles East of Papeete and it was named Venus Point by Captain James Cook in 1769 when he first saw the planet Venus transition itself across the Sun. Venus Point is one of more romantic rendezvous locations for couples and with its park-like setting, you'll always catch the best sunsets here glowing out over the aqua-colored water.

Mahana Park Beach

Mahana Park and Beach is a family friendly area where many tourists and locals like to hang out and have fun in the sun. Go swimming and snorkeling safely here, or play a game of volleyball or soccer on the huge grassy areas. There is a nice little restaurant here offering beautiful dining views from the terrace, or pack yourself a picnic, eat and lounge in the sun.

Tahiti Beach Resorts

If you end up staying at a resort in Papeete, you'll find most are located right on the beach, and some nice beaches at that. The Tahiti Radisson Plaza Resort can be found right on Lafayette Beach, which overlooks beautiful Matavi Bay, just ten minutes outside of Papeete. There is also the Plage de Toaroto Beach which features white sandy beaches over a half-mile in length, a park atmosphere and calm waters perfect for swimming.

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