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accommodation in Papeete

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Known for it's black sand beaches, Tahiti has the largest population of all islands in French Polynesia. The capital, Papeete, is the largest tourist destination on the island with well known hotels featuring breathtaking scenery.

The Taaroa Lodge

Offering a variety of private rooms, dorm-style rooms, multiple person rooms, and individual bungalows, the Taaroa Lodge suits the needs of any traveler. If you'd like to share a room with others, the multi-visitor room costs $30 per person per night. For your own room with a private bath, you will pay $70 per night. If you are on a honeymoon or would just like some extra personal space, the bungalow costs around $120 per night. The lodge is on a private beach with beautiful and lush mountainous terrain in the background. You have free access to the lodge's kitchen, and the hosting family will help with whatever you need.

The Taharuu Lodge

Starting at $62 per night, the Taharuu Lodge is well worth the money. Located on the popular local beach of Papara, you can relax while watching surfers catch waves, or walk just a few minutes away to the well-known black sand beach. Small shops, restaurants, and local markets are a short drive away. 8 rooms are available, all with internet access and satellite television. Activities such as golf, fishing, and hiking are all available at your leisure, located close to the lodge.

The Radison Plaza Resort Tahiti

Just a few miles southwest of downtown Papeete is the Radisson Plaza Resort Tahiti. It is a bit more on the pricey side, but you are guaranteed a pleasant stay. As with most accommodation in Tahiti, the Radisson has a stunning view of the beach and lush mountains. You can book tours of the island or water activities via the front desk. The Radisson also offers free shuttle service to downtown Papeete. There is even a souvenir store on-site that sells local crafted art, including the popular black pearls. 44 of the 165 rooms have a private jacuzzi. All rooms offer the necessities as well as internet service and satellite television. Room prices range from around $185 per night up to $365 per night. Rooms available include Deluxe Ocean View rooms, Ocean View Jacuzzi rooms, Deluxe Ocean View suites, and Ocean View Duplex suites.

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