Nightlife and Entertainment in Nadi

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There are some semi-sketchy bars in town.

There are some good places less than five minutes north of the city (towards the airport): We went out to a disco at the bottom of a hotel one night. This is a local hangout. They make you wear long pants. One of my friends had to wear a giant pair of size 42 slacks that the security guards had in their office. Inside the place was a sweaty discotecque. Outside was a bunch of table and chairs setup like a wedding. There was a big fight inside when we went, so dont expect people to be chatting it up with mint juleps.

There is a great great bar, a nice looking place on the ocean side of the highway just a few minutes north of town. It is in a shopping center. Might be called dans bar or something like that. Anyways, It has typical fiji drink prices which are exceptional (unless maybe you are coming from czech republic). $5 fiji for a well drink. So we went for the rum and cokes / gin & tonics. There is a dance floor, which was not crowded. Most of the people were in the front bar or the pool table room on the other side.

Near the supermarket there is a cinema and it usually has one western film and one indian (bollywood) film. It costs $5 to get in.

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