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Day Trip to a Deserted Island

Most Ile des Pins Day Trips are themed around exploring the vast number of islands that surround this island destination. Ile des Pins, or the Isle of Pines, is a part of New Caledonia—an overseas island in the south Pacific region. Isle of Pines is composed of some major island groups, including the Loyalty Islands. Walpole Island is a part of the province of Loyalty Islands.

Reaching Walpole Island

Walpole Island is a small island located about 180 km from the eastern coast of New Caledonia. It is situated about 140 km from the eastern shores of Ile des Pins. Visitors planning to visit the island need to get their bookings done in advance. Not many boats visit the Walpole Island on a regular basis. Usually, the tourist offices in Ile des Pins make bookings for a ship after receiving sufficient queries.

Walpole Island Sights

The island is largely uninhabited. Unlike some of the other islands in the vicinity wherein a handful of residents can be found, this island is devoid of a regional population. The only people found here are the few diving enthusiasts from surrounding nations who come here to test their skills. Visitors can explore the entire island in one day. It is just about 2 kilometers long and less than half a kilometer wide. This is a coral island atop a dormant volcanic mountain. It is ideally suited for folks who like a bit of self-exploring. The entire stretch is devoid of the usual buzz associated with tourist locales. Visitors can walk along the steep cliffs and explore geographical forces at work among the erosion holes. Those who can sustain a hiking trail of about two hours can also visit the Banc de L'Orne, located about 15 kilometers to the north of Walpole Island.

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