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If you are looking for one of the Ile des Pins cruises to take when you are traveling, you can choose from a few different ways to travel and see what you want. There are different cruises depending on how far you want to travel and how much you are looking to spend. The ships have activities on board, and luxury cruises are also available.

Ile Des Pins 6-Day Cruise

The Ile Des Pins 6-day cruise departs from the docks every day. You will travel for 6 days and spend 1 night at Le Meridien Noumea, 2 nights at Le Meridien Ile des Pins and 2 nights on the cruise ship. If you want to explore the beautiful waters, see the port cities, shop and have fun, you will enjoy the Ile Des Pins 6-day cruise.

Phare Amedee Cruise

If you are looking for a beautiful trip to the islands, you might try the Phare Amedee cruise. The cruise departs from Ile Des Pins and is a 1-day cruise. It will take you to Phare Amadee and the outer reef. You can enjoy a number of water sports and see the reef that you can enjoy. If you want to have a day cruise and still be able to see everything in the area, you can choose this as one of the Ile des Pins cruises you take during your vacation.

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