Senior Travel in Rarotonga

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Rarotonga is the capital of the Cook Islands. It is easily accessible by air both from New Zealand and the United States. The currency used here is the New Zealand dollar.

Four Wheel Drive and Aerial Survey

Visitors can explore the interior of the island in a 3-hour 4-wheel drive safari which takes travels through the mountains and into the rain forests. You can also opt for the aerial survey that can be enjoyed with a 20-minute scenic flight from the airport at a cost of NZ$55 (US$26). The island is really very small and you can drive around it, enjoying the sighs of the beaches and the blue waters. It is an idyllic place for travelers in search of lost horizons and for those interested in studying the ways of Polynesia.

Summer Idyll

Stay in one of Rarotonga’s beach bunglows and escape from the maddening frenzy of modern life. You can spend a lot of time on the serene beaches. You can go swimming and, if you feel up to it, take in a bit of diving and snorkeling to see the underwater corals and marine life.

Visit the Garden Factory

The garden factory of the Perfumes of Rarotonga is a must visit for everyone. Everything here is handmade and can be purchased safely. They use only natural products to make the perfumes and is an important business activity for this island.

Watch the Sun Rise and Set

It is worth getting up early enough to watch the sun rise in Rarotonga. The sunset, too, is a beautiful sight that should not be missed. Make it a point to watch both each day you stay on the island, for the scenery changes dramatically every day.

Cultural Village

Make a visit to the cultural village where the islanders share their information about themselves and their culture. The village charges an entrance fee of NZ$64 that includes transportation to and from your accommodation. It is money worth spending to walk about in this enchanting village. You are also served lunch on plates woven from bamboo leaves.

Cultural Market

Visit the Cultural Market that showcases local ware that you can purchase as mementos of your trip to the island. Or just wander around and look at the marvelous artistry of the local crafts.

Rarotonga is a great place for seniors to visit and is now quite easily accessible by air.
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