Nightlife and Entertainment in Rarotonga

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Rarotonga nightlife is perfect for those that like to relax and party in the evenings. It is one of the most popular of the Cook Islands, perhaps partly because it has an international airport. Unlike most other islands, there is a reef here that completely surrounds the island and forms a lagoon. The most populous area is by Muri, where the lagoon is suitable for swimming. As a result, tourism has increased in this spot.


Friday night is the most popular for visiting the pubs, as they are open until 2 am. The pubs close immediately at midnight on Saturday to celebrate the Sabbath. One of your first stops on a Friday night should be Trader Jack’s Bar & Grill in Avarua. This is one of the most popular bars in the South Pacific, and is where many locals start their pub crawl after work.

The Whatever! Bar is a great place to enjoy a beer outside with a view of the ocean. You can then move onto Stair Case Restaurant & Bar, as there is a restaurant on the second floor and the bar plays rock and roll music after 10 pm. Once a week, The Whatever! Bar hosts an island night show. The Banana court is the place to be on a Wednesday night, when you can have a drink, dance, and see some fighting. Right down the street is Hideaway Bar, which is more popular among mature drinkers.

Island Night

You should never miss Island Night, with the dancing, drums and music it has to offer. Native islanders have dancing in their blood, and any time there is a drum beat, they can dance. The costumes here are also something to behold, as they are made from natural materials and leaves. Dance Week is held in April, and has some of the best Island Nights and shows. Another good time to see a dance show is the National Self Governing Commemoration, which has dance shows specifically designed to entertain tourists.


Avarua is your best place to find a wide variety of restaurants and clubs. You can find restaurants that offer local cuisine as well as those that have different types of international cuisine. Some popular choices include Japanese, Indian, Chinese, and Italian. Most of the restaurants are quite small, so reservations are a good idea.

Clubs tend to be open until midnight on the weekdays, but on Friday they are open until 2 am. Many hotels operate club tours, and this is a favorite way to meet some of the locals and sample the energy and color of the nightlife. The music is a great blend that incorporates Polynesian music.

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