Getting Around in Rarotonga

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As well as the ubiquitous coconut palms, Rarotonga is home to many mature and beautiful tropical trees. Wandering down the back roads either on foot rented bicycle or motor scooter can be a rewarding experience. Poinciana, known locally as 'flamboyants', are an import from South America but look wonderful against the predominant greens and blues of Rarotonga. Massive old trees can be found in the quieter parts such as along the ancient Ara Metua, the Great Road of Toi, built about 1000 AD from coral slabs. There is a regular round-the-island bus service which runs in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. Several companies offer bicycle, motor scooters and automobiles for rent. Prices can range from about US$35 to US$25 per day for an automobile and US$15 to US$10 for a motor scooter. It is worth checking out some of the smaller operators. Many hotels and motels rent out bicycles and scooters.
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