Getting There in Rarotonga

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Rarotonga is the largest of the Cook Islands, and it has about 90,000 tourists each year who come to sample its soft, sandy beaches or dive to look at the fantastic coral reefs. Diving, snorkelling and fishing are all very popular activities on this island. However, there are disadvantages to Rarotonga, getting there being perhaps the most important.

Getting to Rarotonga by Plane

For a popular tourist destination, there are few direct services to the island. Only 2 major air companies operate a Rarotonga flight-- Air New Zealand, which flies from Auckland, Fiji and French Polynesia, and Pacific Blue which operates flights from Australia and New Zealand. Even with air service, the problems are not over, as the ‘international’ airport (the only one on the island) is several km from the capital city. It is necessary to transport tourists into the towns either by car or by motor scooter. But to do either of these things, it is legally necessary to obtain a Cook Islands driving license.

Getting There by Boat

The only other way of travelling to Rarotonga is by boat but this is more complicated than it looks, because there are no scheduled ferries making trips to and from the city. If anyone wishes to go by boat, then they will need to book a cruise which makes a port call on the island. Tourists can also rent a yacht to travel to the island if they do not own one.

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