Festivals in Rarotonga

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Rarotonga festivals are full of life and culture from the people on the Cook Islands. Visiting the islands during the time of a festival is sure to have you experiencing fun and excitement. Learning about this exuberant culture in Rarotonga leaves visitors enthralled with the local customs and festival offerings.

Penrhyn Gospel Day

Penrhyn Gospel Day occurs in July and possibly October annually and celebrates the arrival of Christianity to the islands. The people march throughout the city in their colorful dresses and other traditional garb. The whole area is full of singing gospels songs both in English and the traditional language. There are many shows that display several stories in the Bible and many people dress in their favorite costume. Enjoy the food and dancing that is offered during this time.

Cultural & Island Dance Festival Week
The cultural festival week in February features many quilt competitions, crafts and art displays. During April, there are many dances and competitions in which the Dancer of the Year is selected. Top men and women dancers are entertaining to watch during the performances. This is a great time to see the island’s culture shown throughout the dances as participants vie for the top spot.

Song Quest

In July, many performers enter to become a star in Rarotonga while competing in the song quest. The competition is held over many weeks. The last 2 weeks of the finale feature talent froml across the Rarotonga area as they hope for their chance to become a star.

Constitution Celebration

August brings in the Maire Maeva Nui, which is a 10-day festival celebrating the Declaration of Independence that occurred in 1965. This time offers many sport activities, musical performances, dancing, and cultural as well as historical displays. Rarotonga considers this festival to be the biggest one throughout the whole year.

Tiare Festival Week

In November, the floral festival week features many float parades with flowers adorning the floats. The Miss Tiare pageant and Mama Muumuu pageant also take place during this time. There are many floral arrangement and floral display competitions. The local businesses in Rarotonga also display flower arrangements and decorations around their offices and locations.

New Year’s Eve

On December 31, the New Year’s Eve celebration commences with many forms of entertainment. Dancing is among the special offerings for tourists to enjoy. Good food and fun also await visitors to Rarotonga festivals during the year.  
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