Budget Travel Ideas in Rarotonga

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Rarotonga is one of the 15 small islands that form the Cook Islands Archipelago. It is located in the South Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and New Zealand. The island offers many wonderful, low cost natural places to visitors willing to discover them. Here are some ideas to enjoy a cost-saving vacation in Rarotonga.

 Budget Sightseeing and Activities

 In Rarotonga there are no high-cost hotels, only the sun, four splendid beaches and very little fanfare will meet the visitors. The place has a unique persona and offers travelers a truly unforgettable tropical island experience. For a view of Rarotonga from the sky, it's a good idea to take a low priced scenic flight around the island in a light aircraft. There are many other places to visit like the CICC Church in Avarua, a magnificent old building made of coral and lime. This historical construction is surrounded by a very interesting graveyard. Nearby, there is the Takamoa Theological College, the Library building, the Historical Society Museum and the National Culture Center.

 Budget Shopping, Eating and Entertainment

 Rarotonga’s exquisite food and restaurant scene makes dining out easy and those willing to explore and get outside the resorts will be generously rewarded. The most traditional meal is the fish caught along the coast. Tourists can go angling and catch a fish fresh off the coast and toss it in the live grill. There is live music to dance to at many of the nightspots in Avarua. Several restaurants and a number of resorts offer “Island Nights”, a reasonably priced dancing and entertainment affair, throughout the week.

 Budget Shopping

The cheapest shopping expeditions will go through Avarua. In this small one street town, the famous perfumes produced from local flowers can be found, along with wonderful soaps, shampoos, clothing, food, jewelry, stamps and a variety of other local products.

Budget Accommodation

Some of the nice budget accommodations at Rarotonga are the Manuia Beach Boutique, a group of beautiful suites set right on the beach and for a nice balance between comfort and value, the Club Raro Resort, located strategically at Avarua. There are other economic places to stay, like hostels, economy lodges and cabins catering to backpackers.

Rarotonga is a low-cost, stress-free island paradise that gives visitors on a budget several different options to explore its wonderful scenery and other attractions.

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