Atiu Travel Guide

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The South Pacific islands consist of Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, the Cook Islands and French Polynesia (primarily known for Tahiti). Atiu (or Enuamanu) is an island belonging to the Cook Islands. There are over 28 beaches on this island and are practically uninhabited. Jungle, caves, and fossil coral reef litter this tiny island. In the middle of the island is a raised plateau, which is where all 569 inhabitants live. Atiu is known for it's excellent tasting, locally produced coffee, and the rare birds that live in the Cook Islands.


The Kopeka or Atiu Swiftlet is a small bird that is native to Atiu that lives in the caves, most notably, the Anataketake cave. Tours are given through this cave where you get to see the fossil coral reef, see the rare Kopeka, and swim by candlelight in one of the caverns. For around $13 per person, you can experience this hidden part of the South Pacific. Fishing and diving are popular in Atiu, as well, and different tours are offered to cater to the bird-life of the island, the history, and the organic Atiu coffee.


Chicken, pork, vegetables, and fish are the primary foods of the Cook Islands. The Umukai is a traditional feast much like those found in and around the South Pacific and Polynesia. The presentation is much like the Hawaiian luau but the dancing is distinctive and has been passed down generations, making it unlike the dances you will find elsewhere. For breakfast and lunch, Teranginui Café is the place to go with a Fijian cook making all you see. For $25 you can get a 2-course meal at Kura's kitchen that will cater to your specific diet or any food allergies you may have. Remember to book your seat before 3pm the day of.


Atiu Villas are the most popular accommodations on Atiu Island. Prices start at $160 per night and the area has a tennis court and swimming pool. Each villa has a mini-bar and supply of food in a pantry. Other accommodation on Atiu is Kopeka Lodge with prices starting at $85 per night and Taparere Lodge starting at $75 per night. At both of these destinations, you will have your own bungalow. Matina Travel and Jetsave Travel both have agents that can help you with your booking needs, whether it be for restaurants or lodging. Take a look at Air Raratonga to have a stop-over in Atiu for a small price.

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