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Murchison River from Hawks Head Lookout

Murchison River from Hawks Head Lookout

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A tourism hotspot, Kalbarri is located 170 kilometres North of the main Midwest City of Geraldton or 570 kilometres North of  Perth the capital of Western Australia.

The main industrial interests of the area are fishing and farming, with the waters of the Murchison river providing protection for the local fishing fleet when they are not at sea. The townsite of Kalbarri is situated right in the middle of one of the states many National Parks and the region boasts a wide range of natural lanscapes. From the rolling plains or gorges and river valleys of Kalbarri National Park to the cliffs and beaches along the Murchison coast, the area around Kalbarri is as diverse as the Flora and Fauna that the area is also famous for.

The town of Kalbarri itself is a well known tourist spot for holiday makers in Western Australia and a popular destination for the residents of its nearest major City, Geraldton. There are a number of small convenience stores in Kalbarri and two larger super-markets as well as well stocked petrol/service stations, a pub and a tavern as well as numerous restaurants and resorts.

The waters along the Kalbarri coastline are dotted with gorges, cliffs and gullies with the offshore reefs creating great surfing conditions all year round.


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