Getting Around in Melbourne

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The Skybus runs a half-hourly shuttle between the airport and the city but it's not cheap. If there's more than two of you it's probably worth getting a taxi. Other shuttles run through St Kilda and around the bay and west to Geelong. Public transport between the airport and city exists but its sporadic and you'll have to do a couple of changes. A taxi from the airport to the city will cost between US$15 and US$20 depending on traffic.  (Those must be the 2004 prices.  A few months ago in 2006 I paid much closer to AUD$40 - $50 for a taxi to the city, thanks to rising gasoline prices and bad traffic.  Makes the Skybus look like a bargain at AUD$15.)

Melbourne's public transport system is called the Met offering tram train and bus services on the one ticket. The system is divided into three zones zone 1 being the inner area. The city and inner suburbs are best seen by tram - a unique way to travel but take care when alighting to make sure the banked-up cars have completely stopped! The train network is extensive and includes lengthy suburban routes and an underground city loop. The bus network generally fills in the gaps left between the tram and train services - an increasing gap as the state government carves up and destroys a fine public-transport infrastructure.

Taxis are numerous but expensive and car-rental places range from the usual familiar names to the rent-a-bomb variety. Driving in Melbourne can be confusing especially the unique hook turns necessary in the city. Traffic turning right must often do so from the left lane to avoid blocking tram tracks. Melbourne's generally flat terrain makes cycling a popular option for getting around but watch out for those tram tracks.

Use the City Circle Tram to get around Melbourne City central  for free. It.takes around 25 minutes for a round trip and runs every 10 minutes from 10am to 6pm.


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