Other Activities in Tasmania

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Despite Mountainous terain and southern latitude, Tasmania does not recieve a great deal of snow because it is small and surrounded by ocean. If you want a great Southern Hemisphere skiing holiday, go to New Zealand.

However, if you are in Australia for the winter, or if you have seen Tasmania in the summer and want to see it in a different light, then strap on those huge palnks of wood. The length of the runs may be a little short, but hey can be plenty steep. I especially reccomend Nordic skiing (also known as free-heel o cross-country skiing). In other countries Nordic skiing falls into two types, track skiing as in the Winter Olympics, and Telemarking which is almost like ordinary downhilskiing. In Australia, these two variants are merged into touring, heading out into the wilderness and camping in the snow. Depending on your skill you can think of it as a winter hiking trip, or go looking for the extra steep chutes away from the resorts. Try these locations: Ben Lomond: the state's major downhill ski resort, although the runs are very short by world standards. Take a day trip or weekend and try some of the backcountry trails to explore the beautiful plateaus. Mt Field National Park: the ski field for the south, where the method of getting up the hill is still rope tows. However, on the Rodway range you will find more than enough vertical to sate your desires, and the park is the perfect spot for a backcountry weekend. Mt Rufus and the Central Highlands: the Cradle Mountain - Lake St Clair National PArk offers as many opportunities for ski touring in the winter as it does for bushwalking in the summer. Mt Rufus is a weekend trip heading west from Lake St Clair, off the usual path of hiking in the Reserve. Mt Anne and the Mt Eliza Plateau: The South-West, for all it's mountains, is too close to the coast to get reliable snow cover in the winter (just terrible weather). However, Mt Anne and the Mt Eliza Plateau do receive some decent cover. Apart from these places, there are many undulating ranges in the state that can make for an exciting winter tour.


Tasmania is definitely one of Australia's top refting destinations on account of it's high rainfall and mountainous terrain (adds up to lots of rivers). Unfortunately for rafters, many a great Tasmanian river has fallen victim to hydro-electric power schemes.

However, you will still enjoy what is left, especially the majestic Franklin River, which figures so prominently in the states, indeed the nations, history. Other rivers such as the Houn, Picton, and Denison rivers offer rafting opportunities.

Sea Kayaking

If you can sail around it ...

See the links page for a good Tassie site on this sport.

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