Eating Out in Hobart

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Hobart has a number of great restaurants, serving all types of food and to suit all budgets. The following is a very subjective outlook, based on what the author can remember and what he likes. Make sure to check the local paper or ask someone while your there for some good tips on eating out.

North Hobart

This area gets mentioned first for three reasons:

It has a lot of restaurants and eateries close together The prices are reasonable for travellers, and It is closest to the YHA Hostel, and my families house The specific area is two or three blocks along Elizabeth St, leading from the North Hobart Post Office down towards the city. It has become a sort of focus for medium priced restaurants offering ethnic cuisine. You will find Italian, Mexican, Lebanese, Thai, Indonesian, and other styles represented, as well as several restarants serving general "western" cuisine, or Pan-Asian, or whatever. One of the good things about North Hobart is that it is great for any time of day, breakfast, lunch or dinner, and if you can't find anything you like or can afford, then visit one of the food stores. My restarant reccomendation is Mit Zitrone (great restarant fare) & Taste of Asia (Pan-Asian, and I know the owner) but there are new restarants opening there all the time so fell free to explore. Also, if you want to eat in, then shop at the Purity supermarket for large-scale supplies, the 7 Day Super Store for more exotic items, and the Wholefood Nut for fantastic grains, dried fruit, and organic/vegan stuff (excellent place to stock up on supplies for a hiking trip).

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