Eating Out in Tasmania

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Despite its small size, Tasmania has a pleasure of culinary and artistic pleasures for the tourist. Whether you come to explore Tasmania's history, wilderness or just for relaxation, don't leave without sampling some of it's hedonistic pleasures!

To begin with, Tasmania is an excellent place to find top-class produce, from fine cheeses and dairy produced in the north-West and King Island,apples from the Huon Valley and berry fruit everywhere, to the wonders of the sea such as scallops, mussels, abalone, shrimp, crayfish and numerous fresh fish. To wash this down you'll need some wine from vineyards and wineries in the Tamar Valley, East Coast and South-East, or beer from two of Australia's premier breweries - Boag's in Launceston and Cascade in Hobart (The Cascade Brewery is Australia's oldest still in operation).

Who will cook this maginficent food for you? In Hobart you'll find some of the best seafood restaurants in the country as well as fantastic new restaurants and great cosmopolitan dining. Check out the North Hobart area, as well as Sandy Bay or Sullivan's Cove. In Launceston the central area is small enough to explore in it's entirety - the author reccomends the Star Bar cafe. Most importanly, you should not be afraid to try restaurants you find in any small town througout the state. There are countless hidden places that will serve the local delicacies in the best way possible - bought straight from the farmer and fisherman that day.

Aside from sating your stomach, you should try and catch some of the local culture while your there. The best place for this is definitely Hobart (authors bias notwithstanding). Tasmania has it's own Symphony Orchestra, which is nationally and internationally renowned for interpretation of baroque and classical works and performs regularly in Hobart as well as throughout the state. The Tasmanian Museum and Art gallery has great exhibits of work by colonial artists, and the natural diaromas will definitely leave an impression. See the work of local artists at the galleries that line Salamanca Place, and definitely take a Saturday morning to visit the market there. Also check local guides for Hobarts music and theatre scene, and take an evening to visit the waterfont taverns and clubs.

Elsewhere in Tasmania the nightlife is pretty subdued, but regional centres such as Launceston have their own museums, parks, and centres for the arts. You are likey to find local artists in far-flung regions of the states, who have moved there for the inspiration as well as the low cost of living. Take the time to explore and you are sure to find something that strikes your eye, as well as learning more about this small but fascinating part of the world.

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Verandahs in the Valley

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Verandahs is a capital city style restaurant in New Norfolk just 25 mins up-river from Hobart Local wine list, local produce, Genovese coffee.

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accessibility:disabled access
tel:61 3 6261 4461
address:21 Burnett Street, New Norfolk
PriceOfMenu:$15 to $30
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