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I was wandering if soomene could give me a heads up on a bit of knowledge regarding a Buddhist's Retreat and a Buddhist obligation to ALL sentient beings. I'm currently staying at a Buddhist retreat as a Volunteer with my 11 year old most beautifully natured Rotty. ALL the Volunteers living within the centre in which my Rotty reside- love him! No other Volunteer has reason to approach the house in which I'm staying in. So my Rotty is in a loving environment. Today I was approached by the Director requesting that I get my dog off the premises as they are concerned that the Parks & Wildlife organisation will address my dog being within the premises. (Note- My dog is tied to a 40 meter running cable so cannot run off into any neighboring homes, Once again I have to re-iterate that my dog is one of the most beautiful loving no aggressive dogs you could ever meet)My query, Is there some legal term/insight that anyone knows that I could use in retaliation to the Directors request? That being knowledge that would help bring apposing light with regard to the Parks&Wildlife Org & Buddhism Thank you so much.

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