Great Barrier Reef Travel Guide

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Lady Musgrave Island

Lady Musgrave Island

Timothy de Ruyter

The Great Barrier Reef stretches out for 2000 kilometres along the coast from the very northern tip of Queensland, Bamaga, to Bundaberg, better known as the Capricornia section of the Reef (it actually goes on until Papua New Guinea). It’s a sort of Australian Wall made out of diverse ecosystems that is also visible from space. Cairns is one of the major points from which to set off for a trip to the reef. Although you can reach many spots from whatever place on the eastern coast of Queensland, many people opt for Townsville.

From Townsville, you can easily set off for the Great Barrier Reef Marinepark, that consist of hundreds of impressive uninhabited island with secluded beaches where you can stay for a few days and explore the reef area with snorkelling or diving equipment. Although accommodation is expensive one of the cheapest options is probably camping. Make sure you’ve brought along everything you needed. The closest island to the coast is Long Island and visited by many people who want to explore the barrier reef for only a day or a few hours. Maybe it’s a good idea to set off for one of the many other islands or islands groups such as the Whitsunday Islands or the Molle Islands. Daydream Island, Hook Island, Lindeman Island or Hamilton Island. and these are only a few of the many. At the Capricorn section it is more expensive to get from the coast to one of the island. However, islands such as North West, Lady Musgrave and Tyron (all of them being national parks) offer the perfect spot for relaxation.

A little bit more to the south, you will find Fraser Island. Although the reef does not extend to this island, it is a beautiful melange of sand, sea, forests and lakes. Listed on the World Heritage List, it would be a shame to miss it when you're in the southern part of Queensland. Be aware of the dingoes.

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