Cruises in Darwin

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Darwin is the capital city of Northern Territory in Australia. It sits on top of the Timor Sea and serves as refuge for the otherwise sparsely populated Northern Territory. Surrounding the small city are national parks filled with mountains and large wondrous rock formations.  Darwin is considered an adventure or expedition destination. However, that does not mean that there aren’t ways to enjoy the sea in luxury. The best way to achieve that is with a cruise. There aren’t many cruises that will take you directly to Darwin like most cruise lines are designed to do but there are many day cruise options for travelers to enjoy.

Darwin Harbor Cruises

Darwin Harbor Cruises is a good start for day cruise attractions. They offer lunch and dinner cruises on their vessels. The Alfred Nobel Sunset Dinner Cruise is an option that gives you three hours aboard their dinner ship for a 4 course meal. Dinner includes lots of Australian fresh fish and meats, fine salads and a chocolate fondue for dessert. Darwin Harbor Cruises also offers a ‘Taste of the Territory’ Sunset Cruise that offers a light tasting platter meal with sparkling wine. You can also enjoy a BBQ Lunch Cruise or book a charter for your own events. Prices range from $66 to $105 for adults. 


The City of Darwin Cruises has a few day sailing options. They have a three hour educational cruise where you can board their ship and take a cruise around Darwin’s waters. There you will learn about Darwin History and ecosystems around that area. If you’re not interested in an educational activity you could take a lunch or dinner cruise or a Stress Reliever Day cruise where you can swim and enjoy other water activities depending on the season. You can also charter one of their vessels for any event or get together. 

Kimberly Expedition

Kimberly Expedition is another cruise option for adventurers. This one is set up more like a traditional cruise that starts in Darwin and ends in Broome. It’s an eleven day cruise that takes you to nine destinations to explore and enjoy. Rates start at around $7000 for the whole 11 day package. The ship itself has lots of great activities including a spa, sundeck and various restaurants and bars.

Whether you’re enjoying a relaxing day cruise or an exciting expedition there will be many things to do and see while on the seas near Darwin.

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