When to Go in Alice Springs

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If you are planning a vacation to Alice Springs, When to Go is something that you will need to know about. Knowing when to go can help you plan an outstanding vacation because you can schedule your vacation around the great things that the town has to offer.

December through February

This is one of the worst times of the year to visit Alice Spring because of the chance of rain. The worst part about these months is that the rainfall is not expected, so it makes it even worse. When visiting Alice Springs during this time of year you expect it to be hot, so you pack for that kind of weather. When it rains unexpectedly it can ruin any vacation plans you might have.


April is probably the best time of year to visit Alice Springs because the tourist season is just getting started. What this means is that even though you will see tourists in the area, Alice Springs will not be overrun with tourists in the month of April. Perhaps the best part is that there is still plenty of water in the gorges and the scenery has a small amount of green.


One of the main reasons people come to Alice Springs is to visit Ayers Rock, which means to prove you were there you must take pictures. The best pictures to take are pictures of Ayers Rock at sunset. September is the best time to get these pictures because aside from August, September has the least amount of cloudy days.

June and July

This can be a time to avoid the area, but it can also be one of the best times to go. Many people want to avoid the months of June and July because of how busy the area gets during this time because of the tourist season being in full swing. Freezing temperatures at night can also cause problems, but the cooler temperatures during the day make this time of year nice to visit.


Like June and July this is a great time to visit, but is also a time to avoid the area. By October, most of the tourists have left the area so it is more peaceful. However, even though it is peaceful because of the lack of people it is also one of the hottest times of year, which makes it miserable for some people to visit.

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