Things to do in Alice Springs

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The Alice Springs things to do list will bring out the nature lover in you. The Australian love for adventure and the outdoors is reflected in the top attractions in Alice Springs. Explore the world or art and culture at this tourist destination. There are several attractions and activities to keep you entertained. Read on to find out more.

Reptile Center

Enter into the natural habitat of the reptiles, created by the Reptile Center in Alice Springs. Located on Stuart Terrace, the Reptile Center has over 100 species of reptiles. Both indoor and outdoor landscaped surroundings are provided for these mighty predators. The Gecko Cave is a wonderful way to start your tour. You can witness the behavior of reptiles like lizards and pythons in this area. The working hours are from 9:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

Araluen Center

This is a dream come true for those who love the arts. The Araluen Center is the melting pot of all things related to art in Alice Springs. It showcases the best talent from around the country. Both in the genre of performing arts and paintings, this place is a true tribute to creativity. The theater hosts and promotes cinema, drama and other visual arts. The gallery features some of the most precious Aboriginal arts, as well as works of contemporary artists.

Desert Park

Explore the Australian desert at this Alice Springs attraction. Set out to the Desert Park in Larapinta Drive, to witness the life and the natural surroundings of a desert. Venture out on the walking trail and discover the desert rivers, the sandy county and the various woodland habitats. You can view endangered animals in the nocturnal house.

Mbantua Gallery

Walk into this gallery and view some of the most authentic pieces of art belonging to the Aboriginal heritage. All the art work comes from an Aboriginal village in Utopia. The paintings reflect the Australian landscape and all its beauty. Other than paintings, you can explore other artifacts like spears, shields, hair belts and the traditional attire. There is a short film that showcases the life of the Aboriginals.

Botanic Gardens

The Olive Pink is a botanical garden in Alice Springs. This garden features some of the most exotic plants in a natural habitat. There are several animals that inhabit this garden. Walk up to the Meyers Hill and take in the breathtaking views. The walking trails are well marked out with a printed guide that point out the major attractions.

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