Shopping in Alice Springs

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Your Alice Springs shopping experience should be a memorable portion of your trip to this populous city near the desert. Both shopaholics and tourists just looking for a great experience in Alice Springs will enjoy a visit to any of the following:

Todd Mall

Despite the title, Todd Mall is no multi-leveled indoor shopping mega-center. In fact, Todd Mall is the perfect destination for shoppers who love local craftsmanship, one-of-a-kind boutiques and learning more about the culture. Todd Mall is an outdoor mall, an avenue of indoor shops and rotating outdoor vendor stalls that appear during Alice Springs festivals and seasonal markets.

Of great interest to any tourist is the aboriginal craftsmanship in the form of jewelry, art, instruments, clothing, baskets and more available in many of the Todd Mall stores. There are also several art galleries, featuring local artists of Western and Arrernte descent. Be prepared to spend a little more for these one-of-a-kind works of art than you might otherwise spend, but you should be able to find at least something stunning to take home, no matter your price range.

Alice Plaza

Before you leave the Todd Mall area, be sure to visit Alice Plaza, a more traditional Western mall-type shopping center that nonetheless still exudes the charm and easygoing aura of Alice Springs. This collection of three indoor mini-malls centered around a circular roundabout at the end of Todd Mall Street is home to restaurants, beauty and spa shops, souvenir specialty shops, surf shops, a cinema, jewelry stores, book stores, music shops and plenty of clothes stores, as well as a Target.

Prices are closer to what you'd expect from a typical mall, ranging from bargains to just a little pricey. While you won't find the charm of the handmade crafts from the rest of Todd Mall at Alice Plaza, you're sure to enjoy the break from the outdoor heat and the chance to find a more affordable present to take home.

Yeperenye Shopping Centre

If you're looking for the big mall in Alice Springs, Yeperenye Shopping Centre at Bath and Hartley Streets is it. This indoor shopping complex may not match the size of some of its Western counterparts, but there are plenty of stores featuring clothes, book, toys, sports equipment, jewelry, electronics, appliances and housewares to keep you shopping for at least several hours. The anchor store is a Woolworth's, a grand supermarket where you can purchase your snacks and food for the hotel room during your stay. If you get hungry while there, there's also a food court featuring Asian, Italian, vegetarian and American foods.

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