Eating Out in Alice Springs

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Alice Springs restaurants have something to offer for anyone on their Australian adventure. There are a number of different types of cuisine that are available to try. From Australian choices to Swiss and German cuisine, you can find what you are looking for. You can also try something new that is native to Australia like Emu and enjoy the different items available on your vacation.

Overlanders Steakhouse

Overlanders Steakhouse serves large portions of food for anyone who is looking for a good deal on a great meal. Some of the specialties at the restaurant include emu, crocodile, camel, kangaroo,  and beef. There are also many dessert items that are sure to agree with any tastes and you will enjoy the amount of food that you get. You can also sample some of the traditional foods that are native to the area to really experience the Alice Springs area.

Coolamon Café

Coolamon Café in Alice Springs offers you a nice place to relax and enjoy the café dining experience in town. You can choose from sandwiches, rolls, pastries and cakes, and a variety of coffee and espresso drinks that are available. There are plenty of fresh items to try and enjoy the nice setting. The café setting provides a fun place to plan your trip and enjoy a hot coffee before you set out for a day of touring or to relax on a break and try a dessert item.

Lane Café and Restaurant

The Lane Café and Restaurant is one of the Alice Springs restaurants that you may want to try. The restaurant offers French cuisine and tapas plates and many different meal choices that you can enjoy outside on the beautiful deck area. You can enjoy the affordable prices and the variety of items that are available.

Keller’s Swiss and Indian Restaurant

Keller’s Swiss and Indian restaurant offers a mix of Indian cuisine, Swiss cuisine, and Australian cuisine to choose from. There are always new and changing items on the menu and you can enjoy the affordable prices.

Wallis Fogarty Steakhouse

The Wallis Fogarty steakhouse is another Alice Springs restaurant that you should try. It has a variety of cuisine including Swiss and German dishes. You can choose to enjoy your meals inside or you can enjoy the outside seating to enjoy the views. There are a number of different items on the menu.

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