Day Trips in Alice Springs

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Alice Springs Day Trips are suited for every visitor who wants to explore the natural riches of Central Australia. This part of Australia has countless sights to offer, ranging from desert-like terrain to massive gorges. Alice Springs was discovered during the early 1900s and has developed into the main tourist attraction of Central Australia. It's famous as an adventure-travel destination and as a family vacation spot. Some places that should be visited as a part of Alice Springs Day Trips include:

Explore Northern Territory of Alice Springs - Day Palm Valley

Along the outer edge of Alice Springs lies the Owen Springs Cattle Station. This is a recommended stopover to rent-a-ride and travel along the highway leading to Palm Valley. Most of the visitors prefer to spend a bit more and use a four-wheel drive. This is because the terrain here can be hostile, and a four-wheel drive assures greater stability. Sights at Palm Valley include Finke National Park and the local amphitheater. The landscape is sprinkled with red-colored palm trees and some unique stone formations. Another trail for visiting the Day Palm Valley includes visiting foothills of surrounding mountains through a hiking trail. A slightly longer tour includes meeting the Hermannsburg section of the aboriginal community. Visitors can spend the early part of the evening at a precinct that is globally-renowned for authentic Aboriginal artwork.

Indulge in Ayers Rock Connection

Often referred to as the Transfer Connection, this is a unique train ride extending from Alice Springs to the Ayers Resort. The journey includes traveling in a luxury coach, followed by visit to a camel farm and a hike towards Mount Conner. The Transfer is called so because during the train-ride, visitors are educated about the natural riches of Australia and the historic interpretations of some bizarre-looking rock formations.

Explore Macdonnell Ranges

Visitors into adventure traveling should visit the West Macdonnell Ranges. Usually this trip isn't recommended for children, as some serious hiking is involved. The trip begins with the usual four-wheel drive but then the mountainous landscape takes over. Just about halfway up the mountains the oasis-like Ormiston Gorge can be seen. A popular hiking site here is Ellery Creek Big Hole. Visitors can also visit the nearby Ochre Pits, Stanley Chasm and the Simpsons Gap that are popular for unique rock formations. Visitors can take a dip at the Helen Gorge before beginning their way back to Alice Springs.

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