Cruises in Alice Springs

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Taking a cruise is a great way to travel to the Alice Springs area, and you can find great Alice Spring cruises that you can take to enjoy the area and relax while you are on vacation. You can choose the cruise based on the length of time that you are looking to be on the water. There are extended cruises, half day cruises, night cruises, and full day cruises available.

Extended Cruises

If you want to take a long cruise around the area and travel through Alice Springs to other cities along the water, you can take the extended cruises that last 7-14 days. You can decide if you want to choose the shorter cruise and stay closer to Alice Springs, or if you would like to take the longer cruise and explore more of the outback. You can choose the Adventure Tours Australia from Norwood to Alice Springs and surrounding areas.

Half Day Cruises

Half day cruises are great if you want to spend a few hours on the water and take a guided tour of the Alice Springs area. You will be able to see much of the outback from the cruise, and if you prefer to spend most of your time on land, you can find that the half day cruise is right for you and you will be able to experience being on the water, and still go where you want in Alice Springs. You can try the Peregrine Adventures trip that goes from Melbourne to Alice Springs.

Night Cruises

One of the best ways to experience the city of Alice Springs is to take a night cruise. These cruises allow you to have dinner on board and enjoy the deck area for drinks and see the reflection so the water and the stars. If you want to take a relaxing cruise for your Alice Springs vacation, the night cruises can be a good choice. You can also enjoy the quiet and relaxing waves of the water and the beautiful lights around the city. The Australian Pacific touring company is an option to try that is near some of the popular tourist attractions.

Full Day Cruises

Full day cruises are available in the Alice Springs area that you can take. You will depart early in the morning and enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the ship. You can also enjoy the afternoon on the sun deck and enjoy cocktails. You will be able to get the tour of the outback and take in the beautiful views of the country. This is one of the popular options for Alice Springs Cruises because it allows you to experience the water and be on board the ship but also return to the land to enjoy more of the experiences in the city. The Alice Tailormade cruises and tours have different options to choose from that port in the city and return to the city.

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