The Entrance Travel Guide

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Pelican's - The Entrance Waterfront

Pelican's - The Entrance Waterfront

Louise Ricardo

The Entrance is a quiet beachy suburb north of Sydney and South of Newcastle, It is definately worth a look. The beaches are less populated than Sydney but you are still able to find many patrolled beaches that are safe to swim in. Some of the unpatrolled Beaches are even better, less crowd's and you can find a calm spot for safe swimming or an excellent surfing spot. Some surfing beaches include Blue Bay, North Shelly, Crackneck Point. Calmer beaches are Bateau Bay, South Shelly - Patrolled(with an excellent golf course to go with it). Around The Entrance you will find many shops with much cheaper food than Sydney as well. There is a Subway, KFC and many not too pricy restaurants. Highly recommended for a more adventurous traveller that doesn't follow crowds. Car Transport is necessary though as public transport is definately NOT to be relyed upon.
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