When to Go in Sydney

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Sydney is a gorgeous city on the coast of Australia with more than 340 sunny days a year. Due to the fact that Sydney is in the southern hemisphere, you will have to remember that the seasons are reversed; June is winter and January is summer!

Spring (September – November)

The wonderful spring temperatures are a wonderful backdrop to all Sydney has to offer during the spring. Australia’s springtime flora festival kicks off the beautiful blooming season. With high temperatures ranging from 19 C – 25 C (67 F – 76 F) The wildflowers and trees begin to blossom into what is one of the more beautiful sites of spring. October 1st is the start of Crave in Sydney. Crave is thirty one days of food and fine arts that are enjoyed by all.

Summer (December – February)

The Sydney summer is the wettest season of the year and with temperatures ranging from 17 C (64 F) to 26 C (79 F) the summer is wonderfully mild. What a great way to spend New Year’s Eve but in the center of the city. January is the warmest month of the year. Another wonderful fine arts festival is held in January in Sydney. Where else can you say you went to the beach and swam in January?

Fall (March – May)

While it is starting to cool off during the fall months in Sydney the temperatures are still extremely nice with the lows not getting bellow 11 C (52 F). April brings about the Sydney Royal Easter Show or what the locals call The Show. Light jackets will make your visit to the Annual Arts and Craft Show in Sydney enjoyable.

Winter (June – August)

Once you wrap your head around the fact that it is June and everyone is telling you it is winter you will really enjoy the winter weather. June ushers in the Sydney film festival. Temperatures drop a little lower during the winter with the highs ranging between 16 C – 18 C (61 F – 64 F) and lows ranging between 8 C – 9 C (46 F – 49 F) with July being the coldest month of the year. You will still not need more than a light jacket to get through the Sydney winters.

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