Kings Cross Travel Guide

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The famous coca-cola sign in Kings Cross.

The famous coca-cola sign in Kings Cross.

Alex Wolfson

Suburb of Sydney. Home to Sydney's drug addicts and prostitution industry. Overwhelmingly populated by backpackers without the fund's to stay somewhere good. Should be avoided at all costs by all tourists except those looking for services in one of the above mentioned industries. Generally unsafe after dark.

That's not true. Kings Cross has great night life. Sure it is the Red Light District of the city, but it just means you have to be more careful with your belongings. Generally drug addicts leave you alone if you leave them alone. It's worth checking out, but I wouldn't get accommodation there.

p.s. I think the above rebuttal speaks for iteslf. Yes, the Cross has bars, so do a lot of other nicer suburbs. Note the phrasing. "wouldnt stay there", "generally the addicts leave you alone", "be careful with belongings" Make your own decision.


April 26, 2006 change by giorgio

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