Getting Around in Sydney

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Travel on comfortable moden trains iaround Sydney

Travel on comfortable moden trains iaround Sydney

Mark Savige

Sydney has a very good and functional mass transportation system ranging from ferries, buses, taxies and trains.

Ferries are the most efficient and economical way to get around Sydney harbour. Make your way to Circular Quay ( get on any of the City Circle trains or any bus heading for the Opera House on Elizabeth Street or George Street). You will find a regular ferry service to all corners of the Harbour check out  for service times and schedules. No trip to Sydney is complete without a ferry ride to Manly Beach, Taronga Park Zoo and Watsons Bay in fact it will probaly be the cheapest day trip you can make.

Trains service all of Sydney City. All trains leave from Central Station and the City Circle is the best link to get around the the City Center. Although it does not seem to be the preferred choice for travellers, a regular train service is avaliable from the Domestic and International Airports to the city (the cheap door to door transfer service seems to be a more popular option). The train network is easy to understand and all the information you will need is avaliable at

Most trains are double-deckers with plenty of space for comfortacle travel.

Taxies are easily found everywhere and they are not very expensive, while not the most economical way of getting around. Taxies are clean, modern and confortable and taxi drivers are of the usual type that you find in most big cities - politicaly opionated imigrants that is. 

Buses are without a doubt the best and cheapest way to get around Sydney and in fact one of the only way if you dont have your own vehicle to get to some parts of the city such as the Sydney Northern Beaches. You can get all the timetable information at or head towards Wynard (Harbour Bridge end of York Street) as most buses depart and terminate from there. If you have the time take a bus trip to Palm Beach make sure you sit on the right hand side for some of the most spectacular beaches this country has to offer, just make sure you plan ahead as the return bus service to the city is not as regular. 

Private Car Hire services are avaliable for all major companies from the Domestic or the International Airport terminal and most hotels.

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