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Accommodation in Australia and Pacific

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Located right on the edge of paradise and off of the main island of New Caledonia, Ile de Spins is a beautiful tropical destination that draws in tens of thousands of tourists yearly, inspiring many to conduct an Ile Des Pins hotel search to help plan their ultimate get away. As an excellent and reputable vacation spot, there are a few hotels in which to choose from. From the 5-star resorts overlooking the delightful beaches of Ile de Spins to the slightly less impressive, but still quite charming bodega style hotels, you are bound to enjoy your stay, and most certainly the view. 

5 Star: Le Meridien

This luxury resort is the only 5-star hotel in Ile de Spins, but the sheer splendor of this brilliant hotel does not disappoint by the slightest margin. Surrounded by a clear blue lagoon, tall palm trees, and beautiful white sand, Le Meridien is nothing short of anything one would envision on a tropical post card. However, the scenery isn't the only treat that Le Meridien has to offer. The resort also boasts of an excellent 24-hour accommodation service, an elaborate guest lounge and bar, and an elegant restaurant that overlooks the scenic lagoon. Overall, Le Meridien is an excellent choice for a luxurious stay for around $440 a night.

3 Star: Oure Hotel and Hotel Kou Bugny

Oure Hotel at Ile Des Pins offers a very exceptional service with their 3-star rated lodging, coupled with beautiful beach views and interesting local architecture. The buildings that house the many guests have grass sculpted roofing, giving them a very native look that adds to the exotic allure that they provide. Some of the activities that they provide are game fishing and snorkeling, two of the most popular ventures vacationers hope to explore while vacationing in the tropics.
The second 3-star option, Hotel Kou Bugny, offers much of the same as that of the Oure Hotel, with some differences. A bar and restaurant make this hotel a terrific decision for a nice, quiet stay on a beautiful beach, but unfortunately they do not offer as many extras as their other 3-star counterpart. However, they are a bit more secluded, making for a more private vacation. Both of these 3-star options are priced at around $330 respectively, making them a slightly more affordable option than the 5-star resort.

2 Star: Kodjeue Hotel

With rooms directly overlooking a neighboring lagoon, the smaller 2-star selection is no less aesthetically appealing than any of the other higher rated resorts or hotels in Ile de Spins. However, not many of the amenities mentioned above are to be expected from this modest establishment. It is much more affordable, though, and has an excellent restaurant for its customers. You must be quick, as advanced booking for this hotel is required. Otherwise, it is very hard to find openings.

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