Australia and Pacific Travel Guide

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Byron Bay NSW, Australia

Byron Bay NSW, Australia

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The Australia and Pacific travel guide ranges from magnificent beaches to sprawling deserts. Modern cities are surrounded by open land where you can take a journey into nature and enjoy all the delights of "the Outback." Cities in Australia include Sydney, Perth and Melbourne. Around Australia there are many islands located on the Pacific Ocean and these are popular tourist destinations.


Australia has a diverse climate but most of the north has a tropical climate while the south has a sub-tropical climate. Coastal areas receive the highest rainfall while inland is usually dry. In areas such as the Snowy Mountains low temperatures are experienced. Winter falls from June until August and summer is from December until February.


Australia is easily accessible by air with Sydney being a major transport hub as many visitors use this as a starting point for their travels. There are both international and domestic terminals. Discount airlines fly into Australia so cheaper fares are available. Australia is accessible by boat and there are many cruises that stop here. November until February is the best time to go on a cruise. You can get around Australia easily by car but be aware that if you are traveling from city to city there may be large distances of unpopulated land. Transport by bus is another option.


Australia has unique and exciting wildlife. Kangaroos, wallabies, koalas and wombats are among the animals that you can see. National parks are a good way to view many animals roaming free in their natural habitat. Australia's sandy beaches stretch for miles and the beaches attract sun lovers from across the globe. Surfing conditions are good in many areas and Australia is well known for its surfing culture. Well known beaches include Bondi Beach and Surfer's Paradise. Thermal pools that have been naturally formed are a good place to visit and relax. Near Darwin there are many thermal pools. There are many scuba diving opportunities, and snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef is a once in a lifetime experience. Adrenaline junkies will not be bored in Australia as there are activities such as rock climbing, sky diving and hot air ballooning.


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