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This Ipoh travel guide will surely help you maneuver your way to Ipoh, the state capital of Perak, Malaysia. Ipoh is very popular for the intermarriage of different cultures like Malayans, Chinese and Muslims which resulted in the unique culture of the place. Here is some basic information that you can use when traveling to Ipoh.

Easily Accessible

The best way to get to Ipoh is by riding the local bus. However, you can also reach the city from Kuala Lumpur by riding the train. Once you are in Ipoh, there are loads of taxi cabs that you can charter to take you to the different destinations in the city.

Numerous Attractions

Ipoh is basically a small city but there are loads of attractions in this place. If you are the adventurous type, you can go rock climbing in the old limestone cliffs in Tambum. You can also go explore the cave in Gua Tempuring or trek the jungles up Menglembu Hills to see the infamous Rafflesia flower. There are simply a lot of things to do in Ipoh for people who love adventure. However, if you are not up for this kind of adventure, you can stay in the city and do some shopping. You can also head off to visit old city streets to see colonial architecture. A laidback person also has plenty of things to do in Ipoh.

Inexpensive City

According to Malaysian standards, Ipoh is inexpensive, and this is the reason why many visitors head off to this city more than anywhere else in Malaysia. In fact, you only need to spend roughly $15 in order to enjoy a day trip in Ipoh. Food is also very cheap and for $1, you can have a generous serving of any Malaysian dish that you fancy such as curry and satay ayam which is their version of a barbecue. There is a variety of hotels in this city, so finding a budget accommodation is not a problem; this will cost you only $15 to $20.

A Great Haven for Shoppers

Since Ipoh is an inexpensive city to travel to, it is a great shopping haven. You can take in the sights and sounds in all markets in Ipoh.  You can buy potteries, biscuits and native clothing in the many markets and shopping malls. Ipoh is also famous for their imitation goods that look just like the real thing.