Top 5 Must Do's in Asia

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If you are vacationing in Pakistan, some Islamabad Must-Do’s are visiting some of the many museums, viewing the sights of Islamabad or taking a day trip.

1. Visit Lok Virsa Museum

The Lok Virsa Museum is delightful and definitely worth a visit. Highlighted by many large galleries that portray the cultural influences with Iran, Central Asia and China, this museum has grand rooms devoted to architecture, musical heritage, romances as well as many other educational themes. Also on exhibit are numerous costumes, jewelry and an assortment of ivory and bone carvings.

2. Take a Day Trip

A day-long hike through the Hunza Valley will allow you to learn first-hand many of the ancient myths associated with the area. This beautiful area could have been the inspiration behind the myth of “Shangri-La." The beauty of this area is unrivaled. One of the most notable sights is the castle of Baltit. This impressive fort dates back 760 years.

3. Explore the Shah Faisal Mosque

One of the largest mosques in Islamabad is the Shah Faisal Mosque. It was finished in 1986 and emulates a Bedouin tent and serves as the national mosque of Pakistan. This mosque, lit up at night, is a most beautiful sight. When there, do not forget to visit the Rose and Jasmine Garden which is near to the mosque. This massive garden is over 20,000 square meters and includes a multitude of roses as well as jasmine flowers. In the spring, many flower shows are held here as well.

4. Explore the Museums

Islamabad offers a wide variety of museums to enjoy. The Islamabad Museum displays a history of Pakistan and the land surrounding it. The Children Art Palace Museum offers art classes for children and shows the artwork of the many children of Pakistan. Another museum to visit is the National History Museum Pakistan, which is a representation of the wildlife and geology in and around Pakistan. With the assortment of museums throughout the city, you will find something for everyone in your family.

5. Go Shopping

After you’ve taken in all the sights in and around Islamabad, why not take a break and visit some of the beautiful bazaars and shops located in the city? Large shopping areas called “Markaz” offer an abundance of different vendors that sell everything from meats, carpets, jewelry, clothing and a lot more. The Blue Area of Islamabad is the financial hub of the city and the shops here offer a wide variety of name-brand clothing as well as furniture items and bakeries. Before you leave Islamabad, don’t forget your souvenirs.

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