History in Hanoi

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VIETNAMESE FOODS To some ¬people, to value the culture, life as well as living standard of a nation needs knowledge from food and eating habit. It can be seen as a criterion to find out the relation between the foods itself and the personalities of the people there, other than its nutritious level or tastes. When people travel to Vietnam, they will easily love the variety tastes of the foods as well as common things between Northern, Middle and Southern cuisines, especially foods for holidays in Vietnam. The Vietnamese cook their food in a variety of ways. Spices, materials, way of cooking and serving flexibly change from place to place in Vietnam. In the northern part of the country, unlike the neighboring China, the Vietnamese tend to use a minimal amount of oil on cooking. They often use such common ingredients as hot chili, limes, black pepper, tamarind and cane sugar, lemon grass, coconut milk. Methods of cooking vary from simmering or boiling to frying or grilling. This is the reason why Vietnamese foods can preserve its freshness and natural taste as well as be seen as one of the healthiest foods in the world. The Vietnamese cultural cuisine is family meal. In a typical meal in Vietnam, food is placed in the middle. Main cuisines often include com (boiled rice), a meat of fish dish, a vegetable dish and a soup dish to use with rice. During the meal, family members use chopsticks and a small bowl to take food from the table and serve himself or herself. Despite many rises and falls though the long lasting history as well as cultural crosses between Vietnam and other countries such as China, France, Vietnamese cuisine still remains its deep and strong identity. In our many Vietnam tour packages, food lovers have a variety of choices: banh chung (sicky rice cake), pho (noodles), cha ca (grilled minced fish), banh cuon (rice flour steamed rolls), bun cha Hanoi (Hanoi grilled chopped meat and vermicelli)… Vietnamese food can be considered one of the healthiest cuisines in the world, which reach a balance between fresh herbs and meats as well as a selective use of spices,

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